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saving money is something that we all love to do. Whether its using a discount coupon or just purchasing something on clearance there is a type of a excitement that we get from knowing that we saved a buck. because we all have to purchase groceries, this is one thing that we can all afford to save a few bucks on. here are some suggestions that you can use each time you grocery shop to help lighten the load on your wallet.

1) always have a plan. I never suggest that anybody enter a grocery store without a plan. knowing what you’re going to purchase helps to distractions at a minimum. A list is terrific idea for keeping up with your estimated expenses for your trip as well as how numerous of each item you plan to buy. less time spent in the store= less money spent!

2) never shop hungry. This is a classic piece of guidance that still carries terrific meaning. along with having a plan, shopping on a full tummy can decrease your urges to purchase things not on your list and for that reason saving you from spending extra. get a snack on the way out the door to the grocery store. This is a fantastic way to get something in your tummy without having to eat an entire meal.

3) check your store circular for sales. before you head out the door for your big shopping trip, take a moment to look through the store’s circular for that week. I personally never purchase anything that is not on sale. one of my philosophies in fact is, if its not on a sale, I don’t need it. If you need something that is not on sale that week, there is a chance that within the coming weeks it could go on sale. keeping an on your stores sale cycle, you’ll start to notice a pattern of what they will have a sale each week. For example, at my Publix something that’s on sale every 3 or 4 weeks is I Can’t believe Its Not Butter Spray. I know it will be on sale so I never purchase it unless it is.

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4) use COUPONS! There is a common myth among some people that purchasing a store brand is less expensive than purchasing the name brand with a coupon. This is simply just not the case. typically times, you can combine your discount coupons with a sale to get major savings on the brand name items. for that reason you can snag the brands for even less than you’d pay for a store brand.

5) Don’t be brand loyal. One thing that I learned early on was to break away from my brand loyalties. If you really want to save the most money, you’ll need to try new things that are comparable. This is also a terrific way to try some new products out. keep your family allergies in mind when trying new products.

6) Don’t purchase something just because you have a coupon. just because you have a coupon, doesn’t always imply that you’ll get a good deal. Some producers put out discount coupons to get you to try their new, pricey product. This isn’t always in your best interest for saving money.

I hope that these suggestions will help you to be a frugality and save the most at the grocery store!

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Amy Edmiston is prudent mother of a feisty 3 year old who keeps her on her toes. She currently lives in Nashville, TN. growing up knowing the value of a dollar, she’s blossomed into a discount coupon queen that has fun saving money. She launched her blog saving with Amy to share her passion of saving money with other mothers through coupons, incredible deals and steals, freebies and more. Amy is a fitness advocate who believes exercise is essential to a healthy life. She is also strong in her faith and volunteers at her church with the preschool children. You’ll typically find her in the grocery store gabbing about what’s on sale and how to get it free. Being prudent has always been a way of life for Amy and she hopes to help others learn to stretch every dollar they have.

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